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MCLAREN 650S - EVO 10/2015

“…from around 2800rpm it begins pulling with real muscularity and the strength of the mid-range is staggering”.

“The DMS 650S is undoubtedly a star Top Trump card.“

BMW M2 - EVO 9/2015

“There’s no doubt that with more power than the standard car the DMS M2 does become more entertaining to drive.”

“…more power does mean more fun”

MERCEDES CLS 63 - EVO 7/2014

“The upgraded car is more fun and more characterful for its extra performance.”

“ …its a brilliant engine to start with but only tuners like DMS will truly realise its potential”

BMW 1M - BMW CAR 11/2012

“Those new power and torque figures have a suitably profound effect on performance”

“‘Fast’ seems an inadequate word to describe a car that could take on a Ferrari 360 in a straight line”.

BMW M2 - EVO 3/2012

“In the re-tuned DMS car throttle response is vastly better giving you more control over the rear axle.”

“The cars usability hasn’t been compromised, its just now more bonkers fast.”

BMW M5 - EVO 12/2015

“This upgraded car feels furiously rapid in an almost uncontrollable, this-cannot-be-right kind of way.”

“DMS has rediscovered a touch of the rawness of the previous M5, the engine is once again the all consuming heart of the car

SL65 Black - EVO 10/2010

“It feels like the love child of an SL65 and a Porsche GT2”

“The everyday practicality of the SL65 Black with a huge dose of extra power you will never tire of. Mix this with a chassis set up (in ESP-Sport) that makes you feel a bit of a hero and you can’t help but love this car.”

Maserati GT - ROSSO JAPAN 3/2010

“We Were Impressed With The Increased Performance Both On Road And Track”

997 GT2 - MOTOR 10/2009

“The Engine Is Really Lovely – Perfect In Fact”

while Morley described it as “intimidating because it’s so bloody good”

BMW 135i - BMW CAR 5/2009

“The Standard Car Is Great But DMS Have Somehow Managed To Take It To The Next Level”

“DMS fettled twin turbo ‘six now develops a stonking 374bhp and 410lb ft of torque. The instantly accessible power makes the DMS 135i a devestating tool with which to dispatch any and all roads.
The standard car is great but DMS have somehow managed to take it to the next level and if you’ve got a 135i then you need this in your life. A predictable conclusion perhaps, but then DMS is predictably superb.”

RS6 V10 - EVO 5/2009

“80mph Becomes 120mph Quicker Than You Can Say ‘VASCAR'”

“It comes across as crushingly able rather than ferociously manic. The only time that changes is when third gear takes hold in a swelling, all-consuming orgy of acceleration. The shift to fourth is urgent (the engine now seems to talk to the gearbox better resulting in cleaner, quicker, more dependable shifts)”

BMW 335i - EVO 3/2009

“Every Bit The Indulgent Sports Saloon.”

“Its 378bhp (up 76bhp) 335i still isn’t quite as fast as the 414bhp M3. Well, not at the test track anyway. But in the real world, it just might be. It produces over 350bhp from 4300rpm to the limiter – a level the M3 only attains after 6200rpm – while the instant, lag-free response and ultra-smooth delivery haven’t been lost.”

997 TURBO - EVO 9/2008

“911 Turbo Gets Carrera GT Levels Of Power”

“Where the standard Turbo is linear almost apologetically smooth, and has given its best by 5000rpm, the DMS just gets more and more eve-popping until the 6750rpm limiter calls time. It’s epic, hilarious and addictive in every gear, yet docile when cruising. However, DMS’s pack fundamentally alters the Turbo’s character, giving it an angry, volatile, animalistic edge.”


“This Car Is Stupendously Fast”

“Every time you go for the throttle,every time you are subjected to that epic thrust,every time you feel the fat rear tyres overwhelmed in their struggle for grip you cant help but laugh out loud.”

BMW 535D - AUTO EXPRESS 2/2008

Record Breaker

“The 535d Felt Awesome. The Engine Felt Smoother And More Linear Than Standard, A Testament To DMS’s Know How”

“The 535d felt awesome. Accelerating through third and fourth the engine felt smoother and more linear than standard, a testament to DMS’s know how”

Verified at over 174mph at Continental tyres event at Nardo circuit.

BMW E92 M3 - BMW CAR 1/2008

BMW Black Gold

“Making The Best That Little Bit Better”

“Making the best that little bit better has become a habit for DMS Automotive: we sample its latest how BMW, an uprated E92 M3. Back at base, we take a good look at the output graphs from DMS’s state-of-the-art Dyno Dynamics dynamometer and realise it’s little wonder the M3 felt so bloody strong.”

BMW 335D - BMW CAR 6/2007

Domination By Stealth

“DMS’s 335d Is The Devil In Disguise.”

“Southampton based DMS is at the forefront of electronic software tuning and utilises cutting edge technology to achieve its remarkable results. The emphasis is on retaining customer confidence by not compromising the manufacturer warranty by using invasive procedures.

The latest 2007 spec BMW diagnostic systems and a state-of-the-art Dyno Dynamics rolling road system are on site to help development.”

997 TURBO - GT PORSCHE 6/2007

Who’s The Daddy

“DMS Automotive’s 997 Turbo Is The Fastest-Accelerating Car We’ve Ever Tested.”

997 TURBO - EVO 5/2007

“Engine Tweaks Give Turbocharged 911 Another 62bhp”

“Improved Sound, More Power – What’s Not To Like”

“Engine tweaks give turbocharged 911 another 62bhp to take it further into supercar territory.”

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997 TURBO - GT PORSCHE 11/2006

DMS Cracks 997 ECU

“ECU Guru DMS Has Become The First Company We Know To Crack Into The 997 Turbo’s Electronic Brain”

“The results so far are an increase in the 997 Turbo’s peak pwoer from 480bhp to 540bhp+, simply from playing with the ECU.”

BMW 535D - TOTAL BMW 8/2006

Modified 535d Sport

“Power Play”

“The wizards down at DMS did their stuff on the 535’s ECU.”

BMW E60 M5 - BMW CAR 2/2006


“The Best Suspension On The Planet… Plus More Power, More Torque And No Limits”

“What the DMS upgrade offers, more than anything, is the chance to let the M5 off the leash: to fulfil its potential as a genuine 200mph supersaloon. The satisfaction of seeing the speedo needle bury itself into three figures is immense. So when you’re bored of 507bhp, you know who to call.”

BMW 535d - EVO 6/2005

“Good-Value Conversion Creates A Turbodiesel With Performance To Convert The Sceptical”

“The 535d motor in standard form is already one of the very best diesel engines we’ve ever tried; it leaves the factory with a mighty 277bhp at 4400rpm and a Herculean 413lb ft at 2000rpm. Some clever remapping by DMS liberates 344bhp at 4200rpm and a faintly ludicrous 506lb ft at 2000rpm.”

“This tweaked 535d is a compelling argument for the coming of a diesel revolution.”

BMW 535d - AUTOCAR 3/2005

DMS BMW 535d – A Very Serious Power Tool

“The 535d Is Already Stonkingly Fast, But A Simple Tweak Can Make It Ludicrously So”

“By re-profiling the 535d’s engine management computer, torque is ramped up from 413lb ft to a claimed to 478lb ft, with power up from 272bhp to a claimed 321bhp.
Enormous torque, effortless pace.
This car is astonishingly, ludicrously fast at all speeds, but especially above 100mph.”

BMW 330Cd - EVO 2/2005

“Bargain Diesel Upgrade Gives 330 A New Edge”

“DMS Demolished The Standard 60mph In 7 Secs”

“A standard 330Cd gets to 60mph in a little over 7sec, which is no mean achievement. But even on the first run DMS demolished these figures, producing a best 6.1sec to 60mph….”

996T/996 GT - GT PURELY PORSCHE 11/2004

Super League 996T GT2

“The Power Delivery Is Smooth, Linear And Seemless”

“For some people modifying your car is all about looks. For DMS Automotive, it’s about producing high-quality, stealthy upgrades – as exemplified by these big power 911s.”

BMW 330CD - AUTOCAR 10/2004

“Diesel Coupe Has Its Chips”

“Staggering Performance”

“DMS has tuned over 350 BMW 3.0-litre diesels, and its package for the 204bhp version takes it to 260bhp at 4200rpm and 410lb ft at 2650rpm.”

996 TUBRO - EVO 8/2004

Driven – DMS Porsche 911 Turbo

“Give Your 911 Turbo 550bhp And Full-On Supercar Pace”

“DMS 911 Turbo looks like any other Turbo but packs a 550bhp punch. Stupendous, exploitable performance. Evo rating 5 stars.” Read the full review

996 TURBO - AUTOCAR 7/2004

Special Test – DMS Tuned 911 Turbo

“This Is The Sort Of Car That Makes Three-Figure Speeds Feel Like A Gentle Canter. On Any Road”

“Standard 420bhp Porsche 911 Turbo not fast enough? Try the 450bhp factory Power Kit. Still too slow? How about 550bhp? That should do it, says Adam Taylor as he engages on the horizon. Not only is there staggering torque, the power’s utterly addictive.”

996 TURBO - GT PORSCHE 10/2003

Cheap As Chips

“DMS’s Modifications Ensure You Get The Massive Kick In The Pants At Peak Power In Any Gear”

“For example lend DMS Automotive your 996 Turbo for four hours, and 488bhp is yours.”