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We have thoroughly developed upgrades for many cars, our most popular being our ECU software reprogramming which by itself will transform your car. We also offer additional modifications for many cars that further enhance the driving experience.

Our trained, experienced DMS engineers can visit you anywhere in the world, or you can call into the Southampton headquarters or one of our many other locations throughout the UK or worldwide.

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Our modern test centre features a state of the art four-wheel drive, load-controlled dynamometer (rolling road). We also use all of the very latest diagnostics equipment from the major manufacturers to ensure that your car gets the best possible care.

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All makes & models

We are able to unleash performance from small four cylinder diesel engines up to V12 supercars. You can expect dramatic improvements in both fuel economy and performance on both petrol and turbo diesel engines.

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EVO 10/2015


“...from around 2800rpm it begins pulling with real muscularity and the strength of the mid-range is staggering”. “The DMS 650S is undoubtedly a star Top…

EVO 9/2015


“There’s no doubt that with more power than the standard car the DMS M2 does become more entertaining to drive.” “...more power does mean more fun”

EVO 7/2014


“The upgraded car is more fun and more characterful for its extra performance.” “ ...its a brilliant engine to start with but only tuners like DMS will…

BMW CAR 11/2012


“Those new power and torque figures have a suitably profound effect on performance” “‘Fast’ seems an inadequate word to describe a car that could…

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